Real estate rental

Golden Stay is also there for people who have a property and would like to rent it out but do not want to carry the burden that comes with it. We take over the total management of the house, from a to z. Do you have a holiday home or an investment object? We like to take care of it.

But why at Golden Stay?

  • We increase the turnover because of the high quality and high in the search results.
  • We are on various platforms that are linked to each other in order to reach as large an audience as possible. These include Airbnb, and Home Away.
  • We have over five years of experience.
  • We apply certain guidelines in order to prevent unwanted visitors.
  • We work regionally independent in the Netherlands and Belgium and can then take care of the entire management.
  • We can take care of online management all over the world.
  • After all, we go for top quality and we are excellent at this. We won’t go for less.